Priorities + Process = Better Marketing

Learn how to make simple changes to ignite the passion of your team — and customers.

The one thing that matters

It’s not the content that matters but rather it’s the experience people have with you and your brand. 

We are drowning in too much content, and the world doesn’t need yet another blog post. But, we do need exceptional experiences that are downright useful, inspiring or entertaining — and content can be a great way to get there.

However, it’s very difficult — if not impossible — to get create positive experiences for your customers if your marketing team is not working well.

Too many marketers and marketing teams are stretched too thin and working furiously on projects that aren’t ultimately providing an experience that will cause their customers to take action.

If you want to truly become a “go-to” resource for your customers, start by looking at your marketing teams and processes.

Creativity flourishes when you have a solid strategy and a concrete plan that brings that strategy to life. Ad-hoc approaches and long to-do lists won’t cut it — and your team will be left feeling burnt out (and your work will show this).

Once you know what you should be working on and you have a system in place for prioritizing those projects, real change can begin to happen.

My mission is to refine how marketers work so they can create content worthy of their customer’s attention — and be happier in their jobs.

If you want happier customers and happier teams, reach out to see how we can work together.

Overview of Services


Strategy Review

Your strategy needs to come first. Build a strategy from scratch or review the one you have — and get your team on the same page.

Editorial Planning

Once you have a strategy, you need the systems in place to make your vision a reality.


Content Development

Writing and editing services to bring your ideas to life.



Not sure what you need? That’s OK, too. I can pinpoint your issues and suggest a path that you can take on — or I can help with.