Content Strategies for Your B2B Customer

In B2B marketing, there is only one perspective that matters: your B2B customer.

Whether you are creating a website or other content, you always need to have your ideal B2B customer in mind: what do they need to know and how do they want to consume the information?

As a B2B Content Strategist, not only do I create compelling content, but I focus on how it will be used by your ideal B2B customer. I can help you answer questions such as these:

  • How can your website be optimized so your ideal B2B customer can find it?
  • Where and how should you promote your content?
  • What is a good title for my piece?
  • What are the benefits/drawbacks of requiring registration?
  • How can I reuse my content to extend its life?
  • What are some important design elements to consider?

In short, my goal is to help you develop content strategies to connect with your ideal B2B customer through your website and all content you create.

Want to learn more?

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