In content marketing, there is no one-size fits all solution or an exact path to follow.

But you can benefit from the advice of someone who has been there.


You’re likely here because you want to know what is it is like to work with me — or why I am different than the (many) other marketing consultants out there.

I’m Michele Linn, and I am the founder of Linn Communications. I’ve been immersed in the content marketing space since 2010 when I joined Content Marketing Institute (CMI) as their first employee. Since that time, I have not only written and spoken about content marketing, but I’ve also used these very principles to help build CMI into a company worth millions with more the 180,000 subscribers. The company was so successful it was acquired in 2016. I continue to advise CMI, but I am taking on additional clients as well.

While there are many ways I work with clients, my focus is helping marketers develop a strategy and corresponding systems so they can create meaningful content and experiences for their customers.

The first step for every company to to create or review your strategy so you know you are working on the right things. Then it’s followed up by making sure you have the right people and systems in place so that you can get to the work of creating amazing content.

Because I am familiar with all parts of the process, I can help you pinpoint where you should prioritize and then focus your efforts so you can not only knock things off of your to-do list but so you can also make a meaningful impact to your business.

I am different than other consultants because I don’t simply deliver a plan and expect you to know what to do next. Every service comes with next steps and actionable ideas of what to do first. I also love talking process and can brainstorm better ways for your team to collaborate better.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, read out to learn a bit more about my experience and what makes me tick — or reach anytime

Three words that describe me
  • Honest
  • Pragmatic
  • Approachable
Why you can trust me

There are many (many) consultants available to help, so what makes me different?


  • I’m immersed in content marketing each and every day, including both the “down and dirty” work of strategy, writing and planning as well as managing a team who executes the plan.
  • I built my freelancing business through content marketing in 2009 (even though I didn’t initially know that’s what it was called when I started).
  • I joined the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) as its first employee in 2010. I had the the pleasure of working on many aspects of the business that ultimately resulted in its 180,000+ subscribers and its acquisition in 2016.
  • I deeply understand the content marketing process, which is essential when you need to pinpoint what you need to fix.
  • I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way and have an arsenal of ideas of what is worth a try — and what isn’t.
  • I have written hundreds of articles about content marketing.
  • I am often cited and interviewed for articles, and I participate in podcasts, Twitter chats, etc. [Contact me if you want to interview me.]
  • I speak about content marketing at conferences such as Content Marketing World and MarketingProfs B2B Forum.
  • I was named one of Folio’s 2015 Top Women in Media (Corporate Visionary).
  • I have two decades of experience in marketing, working with everyone from solopreneuers to Fortune 500 companies.
  • I have an extensive network in the content marketing space. If I can’t help you, chances are, I know someone who can.
Core marketing beliefs
  • You can’t do this alone — you need tour tribe — or even one person to bounce ideas off of.
  • Marketers need to cultivate quiet so they can focus on their big ideas. It’s a missing ingredient that is leading to too much mediocrity.
  • Creativity needs structure to thrive.
  • Marketing that is focused on your customers + the experiences you provide = true differentiation
  • Marketers finding success are mindful of what they are working on and how they are working.
  • Marketing teams need to have a shared understanding of strategy, priorities and projects.
  • All marketing programs can benefit from a purpose bigger than revenue and they products / services they sell.
  • Too many marketers are approaching things backwards. The order should always be finding the right people, solidifying the process and then bringing in technology.
  • It’s better to take action even if something is not perfect than wait for perfection.

Contact me if you need a speaker for your company or industry event — or stop by and say hi if you are at the events below.


My official bio is below if you need one:

Michele Linn is passionate about providing practical and approachable content marketing advice to marketers while helping them improve how they work — and get better results for their companies. She has published hundreds of articles on the topic, speaks at industry events and consults with businesses. In 2015, she was named one of Folio’s Top Women in Media (Corporate Visionary).

She was one of the first employees of Content Marketing Institute and now advises the team on editorial strategy. She had hands-on experience with almost all aspects of CMI’s editorial including the daily blog and annual research and has been instrumental in building the platform to more than 180,000 subscribers.

When not immersed in the marketing world, her goal to be truly present and enjoy the simple pleasures of her life in Michigan with her husband and two daughters who are constantly inspiring her.

Connect with me:

Twitter: @michelelinn

“Michele has unique skills and experience that very few others have in the industry. When she speaks about how to grow your blog’s audience quickly, don’t talk. Just listen. She translates her lessons learned at CMI as well as other sites to your situation in a way that is very actionable and approachable. Michele’s advice is original which speaks volumes to her experience.” Alex Lopes

CEO, Sharebird