Below is a sample of my writing.

White Papers and Research Reports

A Roadmap to Agile Development: A Strategy to Increase Adoption Success
This white paper is the first in a two-part series I developed for a client using  content from several detailed blog posts. I also found and used some newer research to enhance the papers.

The Top 13 Organization Challenges of Agile Development – and a Solution to Each
This is the second paper of a two-part series that explored Agile development.

A Tale of Two Projects: Lessons Learned From Two Test Data Privacy Implementations
This client called me with some notes on why a certain service was valuable. He had examples from two client sites, so I developed this paper around those experiences to provide a useful and reader-friendly white paper.

Save Money on Mainframe Hardware and Software: Five Simple Steps to Start Managing MIPS
I used existing research and found additional supporting information to develop this white paper on a newer service my client was promoting.

2008 U.S. Study on Email Marketing Practices & Privacy
My client had conducted a survey, and I wrote the corresponding research report that highlights the key findings.

Feature article

How to Reduce Mainframe Expenses and Stay in Line With Your Business Challenges
This article, published in the print version of Mainframe Executive, highlights four ways IT organizations can reduce costs while avoiding risk.

Web copy

Reduce Cost and Risk with Compuware Mainframe Solutions
This is an overview of an organization’s portfolio of products and solutions for one of its lines of business.

This is only a sampling of my writing. Please contact me if you are looking for something specific.