Below is a list of original B2B marketing articles and guest posts I’ve contributed on content marketing and web strategy.

Some of my blog posts are picked up by various sources, such as Marketing Profs Get to the Point Newsletter and Business Marketing Institute. Check out my web mentions to see more articles.

Content Marketing Institute

More than 20 Tools to Measure Content Engagement
If you are using content marketing, you want to be able to measure how engaging your content is.  Here are more than 20 tools you can use.

How to Measure Engagement
In part three of our series on making content more engaging, the Content Marketing Contributors provide ideas on how to measure engagement.

Content Marketing Group Therapy: How Minor Design Changes Impacted an eNewsletter
Follow this experiment as we make changes to an eNewsletter and see what results we receive.

10 Ways to Make Content More Engaging
Want to make your content more engaging?  Our experts weigh in and provide a lot of great suggestions.

Want to Develop Engaging Content? First Step: Understand What Engaging Means
Do you want to develop engaging content?  Before you can do so, you need to understand what engaging means.  18 content marketing experts weigh in.

5 Ways to Save Time on Content Marketing
Here are 5 ideas on how you can reduce the time you spend on content marketing while delivering better content to your audience.

7 Questions to Ask Before Adding a Blog to the Marketing Mix
Before you decide to have a blog, make sure you can answer these 7 questions to help you determine if a blog makes sense in your marketing mix.

Content Marketing Group Therapy: What Suggestions Do You Have for This eNewsletter?
Content Marketing Group Therapy looks at some content, in this case an eNewsletter, and provides ideas for improvement.  Then, over to you.

How to Put Together an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing
This posts walks you through how to create an editorial calendar for your content marketing efforts.

5 Ways to Extend the Reach of Your eBook
Do you have an eBook that is not generating the traffic you would like?  Here are 5 things you can do to make your eBook easier to find and share.

Business Marketing Institute

A Seven-Question Plan for Marketing Promotions
When developing a promotional strategy, focus on these seven marketing basics.

Develop Content Based on Your Buying Cycle: Five Ways to be More Relevant
Become more relevant to your prospects by taking their position in the buying cycle into account; it impacts how your write and market your B2B content.

Increase Downloads and Engage Prospects: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference
When you have a new white paper or other offer, there are a few things you need to think through your registration process from the perspectve of your prospect. Here are a few suggestions to help.

How to Write a Better Title in Ten Minutes
Struggling with the title for your piece? There are two things you need to consider: 1) What makes a title stand out, and 2) How will your reader be searching for your content.

Two Keys to Every Call to Action
Every marketing doc should have a call to action, right? Seems basic enough, but this often is not the case. Learn why the call to action is important and the two things you should consider when deciding what the next step should be.

In Pursuit: Voice of the Experts

Question: “I’ve heard a lot about Content Marketing…How do I Use it to My Advantage?
A valuable resource to help business-to-business enterprises improve their new business and customer growth sales and marketing performance.

MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog

3 Ways to Handle the Unpredictable Behavior of the B2B Buyer
MarketingProfs blogger Michele Linn compares the unpredictable behavior of a B2B buyer and the behavior of preschoolers.

Planting a New Content Marketing Initiative? Consider These 4 Tips
MarketingProfs blogger Michele Linn suggests four considerations before starting a new content marketing initiative.

Need Content? 20 Format Ideas to Consider
B2B marketers know they need content, but sometimes it can daunting to decide what to produce. To make your job a bit easier, I’ve compiled a list of 20 types of content. This can be a good list when you need to brainstorm new content, and it’s also a reference to use when you are trying to think of things to include in your content marketing and lead nurturing programs.
Does Your White Paper Have a Call-to-Action?
One tenet of marketing is that all content should have a call to action. Seems basic enough, but is this really common practice with white papers? I did some very unscientific research, and the results may surprise you.
5 Reasons to Include FAQs in Your Content Marketing Strategy
Lately, I’ve become a big fan of FAQ pages on Web sites. I never thought that I would be recommending this type of “Old School” content to so many of my clients, but I find myself doing so all the time.

Guest Blog Posts

A Primer on Lead Nurturing – via {grow} A Journal of Marketing Solutions
There are many ways to be prospect-centric, but nurturing leads is one of my favorites. If this a concept that is new to you, read this post to understand why this is something you want to consider and what steps you can take to get started.

Three Questions Every White Paper Must Answer – via White Paper Pundit
One of the biggest mistakes I see with white papers is that they are focused on products and services instead of the reader. To help escape this problem, make sure your white paper answers these three questions from the perspective of your reader.