Case Studies: My Approach

Working with your customers takes a very coordinated effort. I use the process below to ensure all key people are involved and minimal time is required on the part of your customer.

Kick -off call with your core team:
I have a call with the key people involved with the customer to answer these questions:

  • What is the status of customer account? Are there any issues?
  • What specific info you want to pull out from the interview (e.g. cost savings, productivity improvements, etc.)
  • Who is being interviewed and what role do they play?
  • Are there others we need to interview?
  • Who is the audience for case study?
  • What are the logistics of call?

Customer research:
I research the customer to make sure I understand their business and industry.

Question development:
I’ll develop a list of question based on the kick-off and circulate them with you before providing them to the customer prior to the interview.

I record the interview with the customer and provide you with a transcript upon request.

Internal review:
I provide the first draft of the story for your review within two weeks of the interview.

Customer review:
Once you have signed off on the story, it goes to the customer for review. I can work directly with the customer, or this is something you can handle.

Additional reviews:
Depending on customer feedback, additional reviews may be required.

If needed, I can provide final production design.

And don’t forget: marketing consultation for your case study is complimentary throughout the process.

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