Why Outsource

You have new content that you need to create, such as web content, a white paper, case study or eBook.

I know. Budgets are tight, so you decide to write the content in-house, using a product manager, your in-house writing staff or (most likely) you. While it may seem that you are taking the most cost-effective approach, this solution may not make the most sense.

Consider this:

  • Efficiency: It takes much longer for an in-house resource to write content than an experienced B2B writer. For instance,  on average, it takes in-house 50 hours to create a white paper, while it takes a freelance writer only 24 hours. (1)
  • Priority: You have the best intentions to produce the content quickly, but it can often get pushed aside because of other projects that need immediate attention. The same is true of in-house writers and other internal people who may be working on the project.
  • Cost: Consider the hours it will take you or someone else in your company to create the content  and multiply that by that person’s effective hourly rate. Freelancers are often much more cost-effective.
  • Effectiveness: By hiring someone well-versed in the content you need, you automatically get benefit of latest best practices, and ultimately, content that is much more marketable to you.
  • Perspective: Oftentimes, employees are too close to the material to be objective, and a trained outsider provides a new way to look at things.
  • Marketing investment: The average cost of a B2B lead in the IT space is $50 to $100. If you are investing that much money to get your message across, don’t you want that message to be as powerful as possible?

What else can an outsourcer help me with?

I not only provide writing services, but I also offer complementary marketing consultation for your project. I am invested in making your content stand out and helping you promote it effectively so you get a tangible and solid return on your investment.

Want to learn more? Contact me today.  I think you may be surprised what a value it is to outsource your B2B content.

(1) Source: Stelzner, M. (2007). White Paper Writer Industry Survey, 2nd Edition.