White Papers: My Approach

Taking a systematic approach to creating white papers ensures that your key objectives are met, the key people from your organization are involved and your white paper will provide results.

White paper kick off:
This one-hour call sets the stage for what is needed. Topics discussed include:

  • Topic
  • Ideal reader
  • Objective
  • How this will be used in marketing plan
  • High-level business pains
  • Competitive challenges
  • Benefits of your solution
  • Source materials

Additional interviews:
Additional interviews may be needed to answer questions and fill gaps. However, to minimize the time needed from you and your team, I review all source materials and review third-party research before coming back to you with my questions.

The outline of the white paper is a detailed roadmap that covers all key points. Your team will review and approve this before I begin writing the white paper.

First draft:
I deliver the first draft within two weeks of getting the outline approval.

Additional drafts:
Even though the outline is meant to be the guide for the paper, I understand that changes occur. After the first draft, two sets of revisions are included. All changes will be turned around within two business days.

If graphics are needed, I can either work with your design team or an outside designer.

Final layout:
I can either provide you with the text so it can be put into layout by your team, or I can put it in layout for you.

And don’t forget: marketing consultation for your white paper is complimentary throughout the process.

Additionally, I am also available to create content (or review the content that you create) that promote the white paper, including:

  • Landing pages
  • Follow up emails
  • Press releases
  • Articles

As with everything I do, this service is intended to help your white paper produce the results it needs and make your job easier.

Want to talk about an upcoming white paper project? Contact me today.