Create more meaningful content and experiences by improving your strategy and systems.

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The content marketing space is crowded these days, and there are many consultants who can help. But how do you know which consultant can actually make a meaningful impact to your business?

While I don’t claim to have all the answers, I do have substantial experience in this space, including using content marketing to build a successful business, educating marketers via articles and speaking engagements and having relationships with many people in this space.

Below are the types of services I offer, which are all customized based on your needs. My passion is helping marketers put a strategy and systems in place so they can create meaningful content and experiences for their customers, but I also write, edit and help with other aspects of the content marketing process.

Reach out with any questions — even if you don’t know where you start. I’ll always be honest and let you know if I can help — or I’ll do my best to point you to someone who can.

Michele is awesome. She gives critical, honest and thoughtful feedback on content. She’s also always upbeat. The best part of working with Michele is the warm connection you feel with her–it always feels like a collaboration . . .It’s a rare gift in our profession.

Ahava Leibtag

Content Strategist and President, Aha Media Group

My goals for every engagement:

  • I want to understand you, your business and what you have tried thus far so I’m not wasting time or giving you advice you already heard.
  • Certain things need to happen in order. (For instance, you need a strategy before a plan. You need a process before you implement technology.) I can help you understand where you time is best spent.
  • You will know exactly what you need to do next. You won’t get advice on the phone or a document and wonder, “This is great, but where do I go from here?”
  • All suggestions and advice are in plain English.

High-level content marketing strategy review

If you are just getting started — or if your efforts aren’t quite clicking — it’s time to take a look at your strategy: why are you doing this, who are you serving and how will you know if you are successful?

Every content marketing program is only as good as it’s strategy. If you’re getting started — or looking to gain more traction — a review strategy is the best way to start. (In fact, this is usually required before digging in to the other services.)

Editorial planning

Whereas strategy is high-level and answers who and why, your editorial plan is detailed and tactical, answering how and what. How will you get all of this done? What topics should you cover? Who you need on your team? How should you get organized?

This service varies based on where you are in the process and what you need.  Are starting your projects from the group up or evolving because your business is shifting or growing — or if you are working independently or managing a team?

Editorial planning can include a host of deliverables, all of which are customized for your needs, but these can include things such as:

  • Editorial calendar
  • Style guide
  • Message architecture
  • Editorial essentials
  • List of existing web pages to prioritize
  • Basic taxonomy
  • Basic distribution plan
  • Template for editorial reporting

Team analysis

Creating the right team is critical, but how do you know what you need? In-house or freelance? What skills are critical? Every team is different, but there is an easy-to-understand framework you can apply to help you understand where  you have gaps (ahem, opportunities) and how to fill those.

Multi-author blog consulting

The internet is overflowing with advice on how to start a personal blog, but blogs with multiple authors or guest authors have their own set of challenges. While there are many good reasons to do this, you may be surprised to learn these approaches often do not save time — and they add complexity.

Learn key considerations and get templates and tools to help your blog run smoothly.

Like all engagements, this is customized for your needs, but deliverables can include things such as:

  • A discussion of multi-author models
  • Blog guidelines for potential writers
  • Process / workflow for review
  • Publication checklist
  • Basic taxonomy
  • Republication guidelines
  • Linking policy
  • Ideas on how to promote your posts
  • Editorial calendar, including a list of blog post ideas
  • Call to action list
  • Template to report on results